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Try using a Moon Stone

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Q: How do you evolve nidorino to nidoking in shiny gold?
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What level does nidorino evolve into a nidoking in gold?

You have to use a moonstone

What does a moon stone do in LeafGreen?

If given to Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy and Jigglypuff it will evolve each to Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Clefable and Wigglytuff.

What level does nidorino evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

Are you talking about female or male nidoran? In what Pokemon they evolve, it depends on what nidoran you catch(since the two nidorans are different). First of all, both male and female nidoran evolves, at level 16(). Both of them evolves to Nidorin@. Euh, now comes the thing that you need to remember- when either male or female nidoran evolves, you need to give ti a moon stone to get its last evolved form- if you give it to Nidorin@, you will get either Nidoking or Nidoqueen, depending on Nidorin@'s gender.

Where do you find a shiny nidorino in Pokemon gold version?

first you go to the Pokemon legue and take on the rival and all of the elite 4 and that why because all route grass will be shiny nidorino

How do you evolve seadra in shiny gold?

don't worry in shiny gold seadra evolve to kingdra at lv 50 :)

Does shiny staravia evolve into shiny staraptor?

yes it will. ex: a shiny gold magikarp will evolve in to a shiny red garados.

How can gravelers evolve in to golem in shiny gold?

At level 40 only in shiny gold

How do you evolve Graveler in shiny gold?

IT evolves at level 40 only in shiny gold

How do you evolve Togetic in Heart Gold?

You give it a Shiny Stone to make it evolve into Togekiss. I guess you give it a Shiny Stone, but I had a level 90 Togetic and it didn't evolve for me.

When will golbat evolve in shiny gold?

To evolve Golbat into Crobat, you need happiness 87% I think.

At what level does lombre evolve in shiny gold?

You need a water stone..

What level does lavitar evolve into pupitar in shiny gold?

lvl 30