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Cleffa evolves by happiness. She doesn`t evolve by a certain level.

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Q: How do you evolve cleffa in Pokemon diamondpearl?
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What trainer has a cleffa in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer on Route 209 has Cleffa in Pokemon Platinum. Cleffa is a fairy type Pokemon and can evolve into Clefairy.

When does a cleffa evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Cleffa evolves when it has max friendship with its trainer.

Does a cleffa evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

I'm pretty sure Cleffa isn't in Pokemon crystal, but if it is, then yes.

What level does a cleffa evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

It does not evolve at a certain level but Cleffa evolves into Clefairy when you level it up when it has high friendship. It then can evolve into Clefable when exposed to a moon stone. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

In Pokemon pearl at what level does cleffa evolve?

Cleffa is one of those annoying Pokemon without an evolution level. The only way to evolve it is with maximum love.

What level does cleffa evolve in Pokemon diamond?

i guess around the mid 20s

What level does Cleffa evolve at?

Cleffa won't evolve on certain level. If it levels up while it adores you it will evolve to clefairy.

In diamondpearl what level does golbat evolve into Crobat?

There is no evolve, you have to evolve it by friendship.

What does Cleffa need to evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue?

High IQ of 6 or more stars.

What Pokemon evolve at full happiness?

The Pokemon that will evolve through full happiness or maximum happiness are Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pichu, Riolu, Togepi, Golbat, Chansey, Azurill and Budew.

What type of Pokemon is Cleffa?

Cleffa is a Normal type pokemon.

What level does cleffa envolve?

Cleffa will only evolve if it has max friendship with its trainer.