How do you evolve bellossom?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Oddish evolves into Gloom at level 21 which then evolves into Bellossom by Sun Stone.

Bellossom does not evolve into anything else.

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Q: How do you evolve bellossom?
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What does bellossom evolve into?

Bellossom doesn't evolve.

What level does bellossom evolve?

Bellossom is currently not able to evolve by any evolution method. However to get Bellossom you need to use a Sun Stone on a Gloom to evolve it into Bellossom.

What level do gloom evolve to bellossom?

Use a Sun Stone on Gloom to evolve it into Bellossom

What level doess gloom in evolve into bellossom in Pokemon soul silver?

Gloom doesn't evolve into Bellossom by leveling up. Use a Leaf Stone and TADA! A Bellossom! : )

How come your gloom will not evolve into Bellossom in Pokemon firered?

There are two ways to evolve a Gloom, you can either evolve it into Vileplume or you can evolve it into Bellossom. To get Vileplume all you need to do is use a leaf stone on it. Likewise to get Bellossom you have to use a stone on Gloom, but this time it is a Sun Stone.

Where can you find a bellossom on Pokemon diamond?

You cannot find a bellossom but you have to evolve it from a gllom with some sorta stone. once you get a gloom then you evolve it with a sun stone to get bellossom or if you want a vilploom (spelling?) then evolve one with a leaf stone. Catcatcat87:)

Pokemon emerald how to get bellossom?

Raise an oddish to evolve to gloom, or catch a gloom in the safari zone, then evolve it with a sun stone. You should get bellossom.

How do you get bellossom in pokemon firered?

Evolve an Oddish to Gloom then use a Sun Stone to further evolve it to Bellossom. You must have the National Pokedex upgrade in order to evolve it otherwise nothing will happen.

In Pokemon pearl what Pokemon evolves with a Sun Stone?

As of Pokémon Pearl, there are only two Pokémon that can evolve with the Sun Stone item, the first Pokémon that can evolve with it is Gloom and it will evolve into Bellossom and the second Pokémon that it will evolve is Sunkern and it will evolve it into Sunflora.

What Pokemon evolve with a sunstone in emerald?

Sunkern -> Sunflora Gloom -> Bellossom

How to evolve gloom to a bellossom?

Using a Sun Stone.

How do you evolve a gloom to a bellossom?

you use a shiny stone.