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you have to raise its happiness so what i would do is go to the massage lady in veilstone city and GET LOTS OF RIBBONS so you can use the spa in the resort area

p.s. to get into the contest hall in the resort area just go to the lady who gives out ribbons every day and reset the time on your ds to 2min before midnight then do that 10 times and bobs your uncle you have 10 ribbons

p.s.s. the massage lady in veilstone city is near the game corner. Just go tho the houses below the gym and then go into the house nearest to the fat bald guy.

hope this helps!!!

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Q: How do you evolve a tokapi in Pokemon diamond?
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Togapi evolves with friendship. So you have to make Togepi as happy as possible and then level it up in order for it to evolve. There is no set level.

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its spelt togepi so if you want the answer tupe this in your search bar: When does togepi evolve

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togapi is a spike ball Pokemon and it evolves into togetic the happynes Pokemon and togetic evolves into togakiss the jubbaly Pokemon you evolve togapi by getting a high frendship level and level it by 1 and you have a togetic you evolve togetic into a togakiss by using a shiny stone on togetic.

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