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You have to make it very happy by let him doing easy batttles or give him some medicine. It also help to put him in the first place of your Pokemon party!

These are the best medicine to make your Pokemon happy:






You have to do the same thing with a Golbat to get a Crobat ;)


You could also make it happier by giving it a massage in Veilstone City (its at the first house to the right of the part with the gym) or you could just take it with you all the time

Acttually you should use a shiny stone at about lvl 40-50 and it'll evolve for sure because I did the same to mine.


The above method of evolving Togetic into a Togekiss is incorrect. Though he is right about Golbat to Crobat by increasing its happiness.

You need a shiny stone to evolve Togetic to Togekiss.

For evolving Togepi, increase its happiness. My togepi evolved at level 14. To increase its happinessa a girl at Veilstone City will massage your Pokemon, increasing its happiness.

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Q: How do you evolve a togetic on Pokemon platinum?
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How do you evolve togetic on Pokemon platinum?

you have to get a shiny stone to evolve togetic to togekiss

Where is togetic in Pokemon Platinum?

evolve togepi with happiness

What level does togetic evolve at Pokemon FireRed?

Togetic won't evolve in firered only in diamond, pearl and platinum.

How does togetic evolve into togekiss in Pokemon platinum?

Use a shiny stone!

What Pokemon evolve with a shiny stones in Pokemon Platinum?

Togetic into Togekiss and Roselia into Roserade

When does togetic evolve in Pokemon platinum?

give it the oval stone when it has high friendship

What level does togetic evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Togetic doesn't evolve at a certain level. You give it a shiny stone and it will evolve into togekiss. It's so super ooper

How do you evolve togetic in Pokemon platinum?

You need to evolve it with a Shiny Stone. This stone is found in Victory Road!

What level does togetic evolve at in platinum?

Togetic doesn't evolve by level. A Togetic can only evolve by a Dawn Stone.

What level does togetic evolve in Pokemon platinum?

There is no level. Just use a shiny stone.

Where can you find Pokemon 174 on the Sinnoh pokedex?

Platinum: Togetic: You must evolve Togepi.

What doesTogepi evolve into?

togekiss but it can only evolve on dimond and pearl platinum it evolves with a shiny stone Togepi evolves through friendship into a Togetic. Then will evolve into Togekiss if you give it a Shiny Stone. Togepi will evolve into Togetic on any Pokemon Version, but Togetic can only evolve into Togekiss in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver.