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Yes that is correct.

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Q: How do you evolve a Pokemon that is past its second evolution level like Vanilite at level 50 to Vaniluxe?
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What level does a Vanilite evolve in Pokemon black?

Level 35.He evolves into Vanillish.

Does vanillite evolve?

yes it evolves into vanilish and then vaniluxe

What does lapras evolve into in Pokemon?

Lapras cannot evolve any further in Pokemon, nor does it have a Mega Evolution.

Can all Pokemon evolve?

No, not every Pokemon is able to evolve. Some Pokemon have only a single form, meaning that it does not have a pre-evolution or evolution. Legendary Pokemon are most prevalent in this aspect - none of them have a pre-evolution or evolution.

What level does Vanilite evolve?

Vanilite evolves into Vanilish at level 35. Vanilish evolves into Vanilluxe at level 47.vanilish evolves at level 47 in the Unava region

Which level does ledian evolve in Pokemon diamond?

it is the evolution of ledyba it will not evolve into ariados ariados is the evolution of spinark

Can you evolve a Pokemon after you canceled its evolution on Pokemon White?

yes you can

What to do with evolution stone?

Evolution stones are used to evolve certain Pokemon.

What does pinsir evolve into in Pokemon?

Pinsir does not have an evolution

Can your Pokemon evolve in Pokemon colleseum?

After purifying a Pokemon, it will evolve once the conditions are met for evolution (as of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Versions).

What happens when you cancel evolution?

If you cancel an evolution, your Pokemon will not be evolved. ( press B button when the Pokemon evolve )

What Pokemon evolve with a shniy stone?

the Pokemon roserade (evolution of Roselia and Budew) evolve with shiny stone.