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To erase a file on Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Or More Friends of Mineral Town You have to start a new file and save it on the file you want to delete! Simple????

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Q: How do you erase a file on harvest moon friends of mineral?
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Your save file was deleted in Harvest Moon More Friends Of Mineral Town because of character transfer to harvest moon ds?

no your fomt charter is dead but your fomt is not to delte after conecting to hm fomt to hm ds

Why does your harvest moon-more friends of mineral town wont save?

I think you have a problem with your game? but if you're using computer why don't you try saving it to the FILE then SAVE GAME.

On harvest moon ds how to unlock the character's in mineral town?

The only way to meet the Mineral Town characters is to connect your Harvest Moon DS Cute game with Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town. To do that take your Mineral Town game and insert it into the GBA slot of your DS. If you do not have a copy of one of thOse games or you do not have a DS with GBA slot you can not meet the Mineral Town characters.

Are there any working VBA CodeBreaker codes for Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town that can allow one to change the year number?

yes there is here are some links i found for Harvest moon more friends of mineral town and if you dont wana use em then dont xD

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what do you use to erase file?


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