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Click the yellow-Golden VIP button. Then Click Redeem Code. Enter your code and your done.

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Q: How do you enter your vip code on Movie Star Planet?
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What code is for Movie Star Planet to be a VIP?

you have to enter 7589475947597

Where do you enter your Movie Star Planet diamond code?

i will tell you if you let me know it too.

What is a reem code for Movie Star Planet?

the code for movie star planet is 33452778 bleave me

How do you get a hack redoom code for Movie Star Planet?

go to google type in movie star planet hacker code

What is Movie Star Planet bonnie code?

what is moviestarplanet famous planet

What is the Movie Star Planet radeem code?

its a code that you need to answer of code kind

What is a code for a vip for Movie Star Planet?


What is the code for Movie Star Planet this year?


Movie Star Planet summerparty code?

it is 653846298749

How do you change your code on Movie Star Planet?

you cant

How do you get a redeem code for Movie Star Planet?


What is the code for free Christmas VIP on Movie Star Planet?

First, you have to pay for it (it costs £40). Once you get the email with the code on, enter it in the 'enter redeem code' part. You will then become VIP! Codes may only be used once!