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i dont no x

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Q: How do you enter cheats on farm life on the ds?
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How do you enter cheats from the web directly to your Nintendo ds?

how do you enter cheats on ds

How do you enter cheats on the cheat entry on drawn to life spongebob edition?

You press the buttons on the DS

How can you enter cheats codes for mysims on ds?

you cant

Where do you enter cheats at for a ds?

well I'm not sure maybe at

Is there a thing that you use to enter cheats?

For a DS you would need action replay to get cheats and make ones up.

How do you enter cheats for MySims for the Nintendo DS?

You put the game on pause (press start) And then enter it. you'll hear a little sound when you've entered in the cheat successfully.

How do you enter cheats on Pokemon gold for ds?

yes action replay but you buy it at a store

How do you enter cheats on Pokemon?

go 2 this website

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokemon soul silver?

well you buy a cheat ds game at futershop and enter it and it will have the cheats

How do you enter cheats on kh358 2 days?

There are no actual cheats unless you have a Action Replay DS. In that case, refer to your Action Replay instruction manual.

Where do you enter the cheats in King Kong ds games?

just suck somebody dick 30 times and hold l and r and enter it in

Where do you go to enter cheats codes on Pokemon platnium on ds?

You need an action replay ds then you have to find the codes if they aren't already preloaded onto it