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Just enter it on options without using a bar

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Q: How do you enter cheats in motherload?
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What are the motherload cheats?


What are the cheats for motherload?

Just click on the pause menu and type and then you should hear a sound

How do you get to the devil on motherload without using cheats?

Keep digging down. Use lots of explosives.

Where do you go to enter the cheat codes for motherload if you dont have the golium edision?

If you mean motherload the flash game created by xgen studios or on miniclip then you go onto the options

How do you type in cheats on motherload?

To type in cheats, go to the options menu while playing and type in your cheat. Please note that you can't save your progress after you cheat.

Where do you type in cheats on motherload -sims 2 night life?

you press: ctrl shift C. A box comes up at the top of the screen, that's where you type cheats!

How do you enter motherload on sims 2?

Press left [Shift], [Ctr] and [C] and type in motherlode.

Do you press enter when you do the cheats?

After you type in the cheats yes you do press enter.

Witch games on miniclip have cheats?

On Motherload, if you open up the options screen and type 'Ntouchable' you get something cool. But you'll just have to play and find out!

How do you enter cheats from the web directly to your Nintendo ds?

how do you enter cheats on ds

How do you enter the cheats in the game enter the matrix?

On the game there is something called hacking go on it and enter the cheats

How do you enter cheats on jak II?

there are no cheats