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You enter them on Action Replay, then activate them.

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Q: How do you enter ar codes on hg and ss?
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How do you enter cheatcodes on Pokemon firered?

1. get ds 2. get ds AR code holder or whatever its called 3. find codes online 4. activate codes and your good to go. **hint** i heard you could get AR code thing at Walmart in Dubuque, IA with HG and SS.

How do you enter codes it Pokemon HG SS?

To enter cheat codes in HG SS, you need to have an Action Replay, a device which can be bought at your local GameStop. Put the device into your DS system and connect it with your game. After that, you can choose cheats on your own or type in cheats manuely. Hoped this helped! XD PS: DSi Action Replay Max costs $25+tax Canadian.

What is SS and HG version 2?

Soulsilver=SS heartgold=HG KK=O.K

Will the pokewalker be sold in the same packege as the hg and ss in America?

yes,as long as you have bought a new HG or SS

How do you get leafeon in Pokemon hg ss?

You have to trade it from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. You can't evolve Eevee into it in HG/SS.

What is a Pokesav?

Pokesav is a website that you must download to your computer. Pokesav is a zip file so if your computer cant take that lay off. Pokesav is a website that you can use to make your own ar codes for d/p platinum hg/ss b/w as well

How do you catch latios and latias in platinum?

you can't, but you can catch latios in ss and latias in hg hg(Heartgold) ss(Soulsilver)

Pokemon ss your map wont go to kanto and you used all the ar codes?

stop depending on an ar and just beat the elite four and carry on from there

What Pokemon are in mt silver?

InsideGolduckSneaselDonphan(HG)Ursaring(SS)QuagsireLarvitarPupitarOnixGravelerGolbatMisdreavus(Night only)Outside/MountainsideOnixPhanpy(HG)Donphan(HG)Teddiursa(SS)UrsaringGolduckLarvitarPonytaTangelaRapidashDoduoDodrioHoenn SoundAbsolMakuhitaWhismurLinooneSinnoh SoundBronzorChinglingBuizelBidoofWaterSeakingGoldeenFishingGoldeenMagikarpGyaradosSeakingPoliwhirlPoliwagHeadbuttingNatuAipomHeracross

How do you get Suicune in platimun?

theres 3 ways you can get him 1 migrate him from R/S/E FR.LG 2 trade him from HG SS 3 Cheating using AR

How do you get rockqazza after you get all the reqerments in Pokemon hg and ss?

hg get groudon and talk to professer Elm ss get kyoger and talk to professer Elm

How do you migrate Pokémon from HG to SS?

you cant you have to trade with either someone who already has hd or ss or you can get another ds and another version of ss or hg and trade with yourself hope i helped