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You can either sell your items at the bazaar, feed items to your pet, or click the trash can to delete them.

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Q: How do you empty your backpack in wizard101?
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How do you get in your backpack on wizard101?

Hit B while in game.

How do you get your pet to follow you on wizard101?

1.Get your pet into your backpack 2.Open your backpack 3.Go into the pets tab 4.Double click on your pets name

How do you get dragon out of your bookbag on wizard101?

If you are asking how you equip a pet dragon, just double click on it in your backpack.

How do you unequip a pet in wizard101?

Go to your Backpack and go to Character and click on pets. Then hit 'Unequip'.

How did the man on the hill with the empty backpack die?

there was no food or water

How do you take out your pet in wizard101?

If you have a pet in your backpack, just click on it and then "Equip". It can be unequipped and equipped like any other gear.

How do you wear clothing in wizard101?

When you receive a clothing item, you can click on the bubble on the side of the screen, then you have the option to equip it or put it in your backpack. "Equip" equips it, "Done" puts it in your backpack. Or you could open your backpack, click on one of the clothing tabs, select the clothing you want, and finally, select "Equip".

How do you change your characters clothes on Wizard101?

If you go to your backpack and click on the hat you will find alot clothes in your back pack very easy man LOL.

How do you wash a rolling backpack?

to wash a rolling backpack first empty every thing out and then take the backpack outside and hose it down when it is compleatly wet take a rag and apply a big glob of dishsoap then scrub the backpack and when it is all scrubd hose it down and leave for 2 days to dry

How do you ride your broom in Wizard101?

go to your backpack, (press B) go to the tab with a saddle, then double click on the slot that says enchanted broom, pink star broom, etc.

Is a backpack measured in grams or kilograms?

A backpack is usually measured in kilograms since it is a larger unit of weight that is more suitable for measuring items like bags and luggage. Grams are more commonly used for measuring smaller items or portions of weight.

Does wizard101 have virus?

No, Wizard101 has no viruses if you install it from