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Put a fruit in your person's pocket, then go to your pockets and drag the fruit to your person. Or you could go to the cafe and have Brewster make you some coffee

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Q: How do you eat in Animal Crossing wild world?
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How do you eat an acorn on animal crossing wild world?

im pretty sure you cant eat a acorn

Can you eat fish in animal crossing wild world?

No, you can only sell them, give them away, or put them in tanks in your house.

Can you eat honey from a beehive on animal crossing Wild World DS?

No you cannot. You will bee stung by a bee if the beehive is shaken out of the tree.

What is the rare special item wendell gives you on animal crossing wild world?

Wendell gives you special patterns when you give him something to eat.

Do they also wild animal eat humans?

The carnivorous wild animal eat humans but there is wild animal that doesn't eat human such as a wild horse.

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Can a wild rabbit eat basil?

yes they can. a wild animal can eat anything.

How do you have a party in animal crossing city folks?

You have to eat cake

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Terkey is not an animal.