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you earn the point by going in the mirror a nd push speech

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Q: How do you earn a charisma skill point in sims 2 psp?
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How do you get a charisma skill point?

In the Sims? Practice talking in a mirror.

How do you get charisma in sims 2?

You first buy a mirror from buy mode and you click on either practice romance or practice speech and from either one of those two you eventually gain a charisma skill point.

How do you earn a mechanical skill point in sims 2?

click the book case and click study then click mechanical then wait

How do you earn creativity on Ubrz sims?

You go to the learning center with the teacher and take creativity or anything else you need in skills and take the test and if you pass you earn the skill point

How do you get charisma in sims?

By Practising speech in the mirror

Can you get the cow plant on Sims 3?

Yes. You have to earn enough skill points and then you can unlock it in the "items" section

Can you make sims personality go up on sims castaway for wii?

If you keep talking to people then your charisma should go up. I would suggest getting all relation ships to onehundred (just to gain skill points).

How to make your sims paint something brilliant on Sims 3?

like all other sims games, your sim has to practice, earn skill points, and soon, they might be painting so pretty cool masterpieces.

Sims 2 castaway psp do sims need more charisma to fall in love with each othe?


What are the negative effect using smart milk in sims 2?

i think you lose a skill point that's what i think :-\

How do you get Charisma in Sims 2 Castaway?

You have to find and greet the other crew members and then interact with them.

How do you learn charisma on sims 3 wii?

Read the books or practice speech in mirror.