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When you have purchased clothes from the marketplace on Sludge Street, you should choose the dress up room location on the Monstro City map. Here you will be able to dress up your monster with the clothes and accessories you brought.

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Q: How do you dress up your moshi monster at moshimonsterscom?
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Where do you get moshi monster clothes on moshi monster?

you can get moshi monster clothing at the marketplace on sludge street

Where do you go to dress up your moshi monster?

go to the map and move the cursor around until you see dress up room go there and dress up your monster but make sure you press save outfit after

How do you dress up you moshi monster in the robot disguise?

type in H3J8Y54D23 and check your inventery

How do I get to get to your Dress Up inventory on the Moshi Monster website?

You can not go to any other member's Dress Up inventory on Moshi Monsters. To get to your own Dress Up Room, go to your map and look for the Dress Up Room in the center of the map, near your room/house.

On moshi monsters where is your dressing up box?

to dress up your monster you go to your dressing room on your map

How do you get the ballerina poppet on moshi monsters?

You can get dress up items for your monster from the Marketplace on Sludge Street.

Where do you find Moshi Monsters clothes?

You can go to the Marketplace on Sludge Street to buy clothes for your Moshi Monster. One you have bought the clothes, you can find them in your Dress Up Room. To get to the Dress Up Room, go to the Map and click on the Dress Up Room.

How do you get rid of clothing you don't want on Moshi Monsters?

You can not get rid of your clothing on Moshi Monsters. Once you have the clothing, it stays in your Dress Up Room, unless your Moshi Monster is wearing it.

How do you dress your moshi?

first buy some clothes in the marketplace then go 2 you're dress up room and put the clothes on you're monster by draging and droping them on to the monster then save the outfit. if any 1 wants 2 add me on moshi my name is angel131066

What does Moshi Monsters do?

Moshi Monsters is an online game where kids can have their own monster, play games and missions, feed and dress up their monster, atract pets called moshlings, complete misions and adventures, and have fun...

How do you get rid of the clothes in Moshi Monsters?

You can not get rid of the clothes on Moshi Monsters. Once you have bought the clothes, they go to your Dress Up Room and stay there unless your monster is wearing them.

How do you level up really fast in Moshi Monsters?

There are four ways:1. Do your daily challenge every day.2. Feed your monster.3. Decorate your monster's room.4. Dress your monster up.