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Its the same as downloading hair or clothes, just without the mesh

I LOVE The Sims and if i do say so myself, am pretty good at it. LOL

My recommended sites are Sims In Paris, XM Sims, Mod The Sims (I've heard, i really don't like signing up for such things just to download Sims stuff)

And also a good one is Paysites Must Be Destroyed, with custom content from paysites

I hope i helped

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Q: How do you download sims 2 furniture?
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What r the cheats for new furniture in Sims 2?

There aren't any cheats for new furniture, you have to download it from places like Mod the Sims.

Where can you download custom furniture for sims 2?

There are many places where you can download things for The Sims 2.Some of them is called Around The Sims 2, Parsimonious, The Sims Recourse (requires registration) and ModTheSims (requires registration).See the related links below.

How do you download The Sims 2 celebration stuff with out The Sims 2?

you cant download the sims 2 celebration stuff with out the sims 2

What are some sites to download sims 2 clothes?

There are several links included in the Related Links section. Of those, The Sims Resource and Mod The Sims have the best selection of clothing. They also have furniture and whole sims.

Where do you get really good the sims 2 download's of eveything? (best for sims and clothes) and (best for furniture and walling) their both free, easy to download, and don't slow you're game down.

What is a good website to download the sims 3 furniture?

the sims 3 store would be a very good site

How do you download and burn sims 2 onto ps2?

you do not legally download the Sims 2 for PS2

What is the espin codeword for sims 2?

sims 2-download

When you make your own apartment on the Sims 2 why don't the other Sims that move in have furniture?

you have to put furniture in the apartments when you build them.

How do you get guns on the sims 2?

you can download it on mod the sims

How do you make a driveway on sims 2?

You download the mod sims 2.

How do you take your furniture with you when you move on the Sims 2?

You have to go to your inventory on one of your Sims. Then you grab your furniture and click in your inventory. Then you have it wherever you go.