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you can download it on the PlayStation Store along with a few other maps for £7.99

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Q: How do you download der riese on PS3?
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How long does it take to download der riese?

FOREVER on ps3 jk about 2 hours i think

How much does Der riese cost for the PS3?

Der riese on ps3, AKA the best console in the world, costs $15.95. so just to be clear, der riese is $15.95

How do you get Der riese if you downloaded already?

Check your download list

What is the console command for Der Riese?

After me playing der riese since it came out i recommend the Xbox 360 the game play isn't as hard as the wii and the PC and ps3

Is there a way to get the wunderwaffle ever time in der riese?

yes i have a glitch do yu got it for ps3

What does Der Riese mean?

Der Riese means the giant.

How do you buy der riese o ps3?

For the Der Riese Zombie map they are two different versions One is part of the Call of Duty Map Pack and can be purchased for that game either in a bundle of 3 Map Packs for $25 or as an Individual Map Pack for $10. The second version is the Der Riese WAW map Modified for Black Ops that comes with the Rezurrection Map Pack for $15 and includes Der Riese and 4 other Zombie Maps including Moon and 3 other WAW maps. Der Riese can not be purchased as an individual map and the PS3 DLCs can only be purchased through the Online PS3 connection for the Playstation Store add ons for Call of Duty

What does der Riese mean in English?

Der Riese means the giant

How do you get der riese on Call of Duty Black Ops ps3?

You need to buy the prestige or hardened edition of the game.

What is the user and password for unlocking der riese in call of duty black ops?

Der Riese is not unlocked it is purchased in a Map Pack for both Black Ops and the World at War PC PS3 and Xbox 360 game versions

Quick guide to PS3 Der Riese i need just a few tips if anyone has the time?

Rather than a quick guide the related link for Der Riese is an almost complete guide and the site will have other areas to further assist you

How do you buy der riese for Xbox 360?

U go on xbox or ps3 marketplace and buy map pack 3