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Super Mario Bros. cannot be played on the Xbox, because it is a Nintendo series. Nintendo would never allow its series to be released on the Xbox (or the PlayStation, for that matter).

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Q: How do you download Super Mario Brothers on a Xbox?
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Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Brothers 3 which one should you get?

Super Mario Bros. 3 is genius. If you really get into it, I personally would rather play it then any other ps3 or xbox game. It was by far the first really good game for its age.

Will there be a Super Mario Brothers 2 for xbox 360?

Because Mario belongs to Nintendo and Nintendo make their own consoles, it is very unlikely that Nintendo will allow Microsoft to make a Mario game for the Xbox.

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Do you get Super Mario galaxy on xbox?

No, it only comes out for wii

Is there a Super Mario game for the xbox?

No. All it Has Is Teen Stuff

Is there going to be a Super Smash Bros. on Xbox 360?

No. It is a Nintendo game, featuring Nintendo characters and stages, and is only for the newest Nintendo console, the Wii. Likewise, Super Smash Bros. Melee is only playable on the Gamecube, and the original Super Smash Bros. on the N64 (or an emulator.)

Where do you get the super sonic download for sonic the hedghog 2006?

You can only play as Super Sonic for the final boss of the game. You can't download super sonic for normal play unless you've J tagged your Xbox or hacked your PS3.

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Can you download live content via computer to put on xbox 360?

No. You can sign into your Xbox live account on the Xbox website, locate a download and select that you want to download it. This will download when you sign into your Xbox live account.

Can you download games on the regular Xbox?

No you cannot download games on the original Xbox.