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I'm sorry, but the Korean tales runner site currently appears to have infectious malware on it. I've tried to reach it, but I can't. I suggest you Google "Korean tales runner download" or "태일즈런너 다운".

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Q: How do you download Korean tales runner?
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How do you download tales runner south Korean?

u have to go to and search it there that's where i go it

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He is already out in korean, i mean its the original! If you are american, he already came out. IN JUNE.

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How do you connect to kr tales runner?

download game- register-log in on the site - download wath u need and wath says Pop up blocked others -.- - then press Start Game - TalesRunner will make the Patch like 1 hour - then u will be in game :) hope I helped :) - to see ur items on korean TalesRunner u need to have east asian language pack - then put ur Pc in korean Good Luck ;)

How much will Rough cost in tales runner?


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i want acc atomix tales runner

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If you can understand Korean, you can go to and download it

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