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You can donate whatever amount of Robux/Tickets to BC members but you can donate 400 Robux by buying BC yourself and referring the user you want to donate.

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Q: How do you donate with out builders club?
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Can you donate on Roblox without builders club?

It depends upon who has builders club. The person you are trying to donate to must have builders club in order to donate to him. This is due to a lack of an official donate system, and since there is no official system planned: buying BC people's t-shirts is the only way to donate.

Can you donate tix on roblox?

Yes by buying their items if they have Builders Club.

How do you donate to people on Roblox without Builders Club?

Ya cant sorry

How do you get fast tix in Roblox?

Make a good place and then get people to visit it then hope for the best! Good Luck! Also if you Builders Club, Turbo Builder Club, or Outragerous Builders Club people can donate to you. ~Bigboy5668~

Do you have to be builders club on roblox to donate robux?

No, the other person needs to be BC and sell something so you can buy it from them.

How do you donate to a non bc member on roblox?

You can't, you MUST be builders club or Higher to sell an item. Sorry about that. •Answered by ROBLOXHelp.

How do you build more places on roblox?

If you don't have builders club, you can only do one place. With builders club you can do 10 places. With turbo builders club, you get to create 25 places. With outrageous builder's club, you get to create 100 places! Also there are other benefits to joining builders club which can be found on the builders club page!

What are the types of builders clubs on Roblox?

the types of builders club are builders club monthly builders club six month builders club twelve month builders club lifetime turbo BC monthly turbo BC six months turbo BC twelve months turbo BC lifetime and OBC monthly and OBC lifetime but its hard to get

What is builders club on roblox?

Having Builders Club on your account is like having a premium account. It allows you to build more places, gives you daily Robux, and lets you sell clothes among other features. Above Builders Club is Turbo Builders Club, and better then Turbo is Outrageous Builders Club. BC can be bought by clicking the Builders Club link on the site navigation bar.

How do you become BC on ROBLOX?

You go to Builders Club, click builders club and then follow the Instructions

How can you get in the builders club on roblox?

You have to click on builders club then buy will have to do a lot of typing for it though.

What is the bonus gear on Turbo builders club?

it is a easteer basket im inTurbo Builders Club

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