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You can donate whatever amount of Robux/Tickets to BC members but you can donate 400 Robux by buying BC yourself and referring the user you want to donate.

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Q: How do you donate with out builders club?
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Do you have to be in builders club to receive donations?

you do have to be in builders club to donate and receive donations.

Can builders club people donate to non builders club on roblox?

No, you cannot be donated to without Builder's Club.

How do you donate on roblox without Builders Club?

You don't need to be Builders Club to donate, the person who wants the donation needs to have Builders Club, tell the BC member to make a donation t-shirt and put a price and then you can buy it.

Can you donate tix on roblox?

Yes by buying their items if they have Builders Club.

How do you donate to people on Roblox without Builders Club?

Ya cant sorry

Can you donate on Roblox without builders club?

It depends upon who has builders club. The person you are trying to donate to must have builders club in order to donate to him. This is due to a lack of an official donate system, and since there is no official system planned: buying BC people's t-shirts is the only way to donate.

How do you get fast tix in Roblox?

Make a good place and then get people to visit it then hope for the best! Good Luck! Also if you Builders Club, Turbo Builder Club, or Outragerous Builders Club people can donate to you. ~Bigboy5668~

How do you donate on Roblox?

The only effective way to donate to someone on Roblox is to buy a "donation shirt" from them. Since only Builders Club members can sell shirts, only Builders Club members can receive donations this method works with both tickets and robux but if your really desperate for money and your builders club and no one is buying your shirts create a second account and use that to buy your shirt but if you are builders club you do earn robux each day so donation is not needed and if you have tickets and want robux you can trade currency

Is builders club free on roblox?

No, There are Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club ~L~

How do you donate to a non bc member on roblox?

You can't, you MUST be builders club or Higher to sell an item. Sorry about that. •Answered by ROBLOXHelp.

How do you donate robux to players on roblox?

You can't directly donate, but try this way. You have to have builders club in order for this to work. You can sell a shirt, and the person who wants to donate will give the money.

What is builders club in roblox?

Builders Club (otherwise known as BC) is a membership. There are currently three types (and will never be four) types of Builders Club. The three types are, BC (Builders Club), TBC (Turbo Builders Club), and OBC (Outrageous Builders Club). I have OBC and LOVE it. Add firetiger587.