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It depends on the tycoon you are playing.

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Q: How do you donate in a tycoon on roblo?
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How do you use the donate tool on games on roblox?

Donate tools are tools that give powers to donate to other users such as in a Tycoon, to use them there's different ways, it all depends on how the creator made them.

How do you get robux free on.roblox?

go to roblo miner .com

What games in roblox that give you real robux?


How do you donate in a tycoon on roblox?

Some Tycoons don't have the donate tool but if they do then click the person and enter the amount of points/cash/ect. you want to give. Sometimes tools will ask for you to press keys like "a,s,g,f,j,h" or some like that to change the amount you are donating.

What are some fun tycoon games?

Fish Tycoon Plant Tycoon Hotel Tycoon

When was the Tycoon Online game first released?

There are many different online Tycoon games. The first Tycoon game, Railroad Tycoon, was release in 1990. Other Tycoon games include DinoPark Tycoon in 1993, Pizza Tycoon and Transport Tycoon in 1994, and Airline Tycoon in 1998.

What are all the tycoon games?

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Who runs the tycoon shop in tycoon island?

unless you are a bin tycoon you know but i cant tell you it because im not a tycoon.

Is it true that in binweeviels a tycoon can make someone become a tycoon for free?

No you cant because im a tycoon an i want to make my friend a tycoon

How do you get a plaza in bin weevils tycoon?

you have to be a tycoon

How do you pay to be a bin tycoon?

pay to be tycoon

What part of speech is tycoon?

Tycoon is a noun.