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Sprint.and while your sprinting hold prone to dolphin dive

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Q: How do you dolphin dive in cod black ops?
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How do you do the dolphin dive on cod black ops xbox?

in order to "dolphin dive" or as i like to call it john woo fighting style you must start sprinting and then hold the crouch / prone button

Are they bringing back the dolphin dive in black ops 2?


How do you take cover in COD Black Ops?

You can't really, just crouch when you are behind an obstacle. There is, however, the new feature known as "dolphin diving," which allows players to dive to prone after sprinting. Just hold the "change stance" button while sprinting to dolphin dive.

How do you dolphin dive on black ops?

sprint and while you are sprinting hold the prone button

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Cod black ops

What are the COD Black Ops Trophies?

There are approximately 52 trophies in cod black ops (Playstation3)

How do you do the dolphin dive on xbox black ops?

u run and jump and as soon as u get up in the air hold down the x button

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Black Ops does have zombies

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No, there is not.