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First u have 2 Earn $$ then when u hav enough $$ then u can start buying stuff like superman or headstand

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Q: How do you do tricks on shopping cart hero?
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How many shopping cart hero's the are?

The answer is 3 shopping cart hero's

How do you do tricks in Shopping Cart Hero 2?

Its tells you how to do tricks. You can also hold the left or right button if your high in the air to do a back flip or front flip.

What are some games like shopping cart hero?

Learn to Fly is a game similar to Shopping Cart Hero.

Is there any cheats for shopping cart hero?

yes there is some cheats for shopping cart hero at

What does hold mean on shopping cart hero 2?

it means you hold down the buttons the game tells you to,(notice that some tricks are on ground and some are only for air)

Are there cheats for Shopping cart hero cheats?

no. i checked.

Are there good games like shopping cart hero?

No there is no game called shopping cart hero ----Shopping Cart Hero is on line from kongregate. There are many like this on the world wide web. It just needs some very careful searching to find them. manay are held inside social networking sites

A k in shopping cart hero?

mabye 18k is 18000

How do you get unlimited money on shopping cart hero?


How do you beat shopping cart hero 3?

suck balls

How do you get the gold cart in shopping cart hero?

u gotta have the baseball bat and then u buy it

What do you have to do in shopping cart hero?

upgrade your shopping card and see how far you can go. its a fun game :)