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You need to trade some things:

(2) Nevermeltice + (3) Fresh Water -> Quick Freeze Water

(5) Nuggets -> Gold Bar

(5) Hard Stones -> Rocky Mix

(5) Metal Coats -> Steel Bar (You will end up needing 5 Steel Bars)

Those are the basic items you will need. After that, you will need to do these trades:

(1) Rocky Mix + (1) Flame Orb -> Molten Rock

(1) Steel Bar + (1) Flame Orb -> Molten Steel

(1) Gold Bar + (1) Flame Orb -> Molten Gold

(1) Molten Steel + (1) Pokedoll -> Metal Mold

And here is where it gets a little tougher. You must make molds for each shrine and each statue, which will be these trades:

(1) Metal Mold + (1) Quick Freeze Water -> Ice Statue

(1) Metal Mold + (1) Molten Rock -> Rock Statue

(1) Metal Mold + (1) Molten Steel -> Steel Statue

(1) Metal Mold + (1) Molten Gold -> Gold Statue

When you finally get a statue, take it to the corresponding Altar

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Q: How do you do there will be giants quest on pokefarm?
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You have to trade with the merchant. Due to this being a quest item, that's all that can be said.

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a skillful mind