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you dont

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Q: How do you do the 999 rings in sonic generations?
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Can someone tell you how to get 999 rings in sonic the hedgehog for xbox 360?

find 999 rings :)

How many rings does sonic need to go super sonic?

in sonic generations game,50 power rings

How do you be super sonic in sonic generation?

In Sonic Generations 3DS you can play as super sonic when you beat the game once. I think you transform by collecting 50 rings

Where is all the red rings in sonic colors?

Yes, Sonic Generations does have red rings. Both Classic and Modern Sonic have to collect 5 in each stage.

How do you unlock all songs in sonic generations without getting red rings?

you have to colloct the red rings. if you don't you won't get anything.

How do you get costumes in Sonic Generations?

There are no costumes in Sonic Generations.

Which is better- Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 or Sonic generations?

sonic generations,or both!

Would Sonic unleashed be better then Sonic generations or is Sonic generations better then Sonic unleashed?


When did Sonic Generations happen?

Sonic Generations happened in 2011.

How do you get shadow in sonic generations?

hes only a rival in sonic generations.

Is Amy in sonic generations?

Yes, she is going to appear in Sonic generations.

Is sonic generations virus free?

yes, but if you the PC sonic generations.