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Be a level 15 and beat survival 3 times.

While in battle, hit the V button and spam the attack button.

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Q: How do you do nammu in rumble fighter?
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When did Rumble Fighter happen?

Rumble Fighter happened in 2007.

Can rumble fighter be played worldwide?

Rumble Fighter can only be played in USA or Canada in North America. Rumble Fighter can also be played in Europe. Rumble Fighter for Koreans is called Gem Fighter. (

Can you play rumble fighter in the Philippines?

No. There is only: Gem Fighter (For Korea) Rumble Fighter NA (For North America) Rumble Fighter EU (For Europe)

When was Rumble Fighter created?

Rumble Fighter was created in 2007-08.

Is gem fighter really just a better version of rumble fighter?

Its the European Version of Rumble Fighter.

How can you be gemfighter on rumble fighters?

You can't. Gem Fighter is the Korean version of Rumble Fighter. It's the same game, in a different language. (Except Gem Fighter is more updated then Rumble Fighter.)

How do rumble fighter make the screen bigger?

How to make your rumble fighter screen bigger

How do you get cheats on Rumble Fighter?

you can go onto, and then scroll down to the rumble fighter hacks ....enjoy

Can i play rumble fighter without downloading?

sorry but u can not play rumble fighter without downloadingk

Is rumble fighter safe to download?

apparentlly not cause i have norton and it said that rumble fighter was unsafe to download

Is there rumble fighter on ps3?


What is the best website to donwload rumble fighter?

OGPlanet. It's the official home for Rumble Fighter and many other games.