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J+K or if you highlight ichigo before you play and press J+W and you will start of with him.

Watch out for the glitch.

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Q: How do you do bankai on the game Naruto vs bleach?
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How to get the bankai in bleach vs naruto v0.95?


Bankai Toshiro on bleach vs Naruto?

It is possible to achieve bankai for Hitsugaya-Taichou in any Naruto vs. Bleach flash game (0.1 - 0.95), but not how you want it. The way to do it is to press S and then I when you have a 3x multiplayer on your power level.

How do you get bankai ichigo on bleach vs naruto?

you hold the J and K key an you have bankai ichigo and nine-tailed fox naruto

What keys to use to do bankai Naruto vs bleach game?

the truth the best bleach vs naruto is v1.01 push JK on the fighting screen but on the selection screen you need to push WJ only for someone and ichigo and naruto and i hate Mario

Can hitsugaya turn bankai in Naruto vs bleach?

yes but only a couple of seconds.

What are the cheat codes in bleach vs one piece?

hold w and and j only works for ichigo naruto.

How do you use hollow mask in bleach vs naruto?

when your special meter is full and you are in naruto kyuubi mode or ichigo bankai mode press j and k

How do you get different Naruto characters in Naruto vs Bleach?

That game is fake. it was never made

Naruto vs bleach game?

Yes, try Anime Crossover game

Were can you play bleach vs Naruto?

play bleach vs naruto on flash games .com

Where do you download bleach vs naruto V0.9?

fgjtjt naruto bleach

Which is the latest version of naruto vs bleach?

As of October 2013, it is Bleach vs. Naruto 1.7 Hacked.