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jump 3 times and jump the second you land from your preveious jump and youll flip but it takes more than 3 jumps

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Q: How do you do a triple jump in Super Mario Brothers?
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How do you make Mario do a flip in new Super Mario Brothers?

The triple jump move. You run, then jump three times. The third jump should be a high-front flip.

How do you jump into a pipe on Super Mario Brothers?

Jump on the pipe and press down.

How do you beat king boo in Super Mario Brothers ds?

you jump on him

Can you get the special triple jump on super Mario 64 ds like on the original super Mario 64?

Yes, hold y and hit the jump button 3 times in a row.

How do you beat Roy in New Super Mario Brothers Wii?

Simple, when he is about to fall to the ground, jump, then jump on him. Repeat this.

How do you get upstairs in New Super Mario Brothers?

Jump Up Each One! :P

How do you defeat a goomba in Super Mario Brothers wii?

Either jump on it or throw something at it.

How do you make Yoshi fly on Super Mario Brothers wii?

Hold the jump button

How do you ground pound Mario's head on Super Mario Brothers?

In New Super Mario Bros, jump using A and press down on the control pad while in air.

How do you get to top of pole in Super Mario Brothers?

If your Mini Mario and there is a ledge near the pole, you could jump on top of it and get 1UP.

How do you defeat the guy on leves 2 Super Mario Brothers?

Fireball or jump on the pokeys head

How do you get to the under water city passage in super Mario 63?

you do a triple jump into the painting and the whole place will be flooded...