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Q: How do you do a move set swap in SSBB?
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How do you do character move swap in SSBB?

to get moveswaps you have to watch youtube then choose the same characters and colors.

Where is phione in Pokemon platinum?

Phione has no location. It is the result of trying to breed a Manaphy.It has a similer move set, but lacks Heart Swap and etc.

What is Kirby's best power in SSBB?

technically its his ultimate move where he puts his opponents in a pot and cooks them

Will Sonic be in SSBB?

Sonic is in SSBB.

How do you get Rosalina in ssbb?

rosalina is not a character in ssbb

How do you get tails in ssbb?

You can't get tails in SSBB.

How do you throw people on ssbb?

Grab someone and press any direction on your +control pad or whatever you use to move.

How do you unlock bomberman in ssbb?

he is not a playable character in ssbb

Can you get Darkrai in ssbb?

No. You cannot get Darkrai in SSBB, even with hacking.

How do you unlock porky in SSBB?

There are no looney tunes characters on SSBB.

You can play SSBB on PS2?

no you cant SSBB is only WII

How do you unlock Nero on ssbb?

This character doesn't exist in ssbb.