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ON your keyboard there is arrowsPress:Up Up DOwn Down Left right left right then type on the chat b/ or /b then press enter

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Q: How do you do a fire ball cheat in woozworld?
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Is there cheats in wooz worlds?

yes there is but it is a secret No there are no "cheats" in woozworld that guy above me was lying. This person above isnt telling the truth the truth is..... there are cheats for wooz world there is the fire ball cheat the moonwalk cheat and many more

How do you enter cheat codes at woozworld?

cheat pls

How do you activate a woozworld cheat code?

There are no cheat codes in woozworld; the only "code" is when you buy a activation code, which you will have to pay for

Does anyone have a Woozworld code that gives you Wooz?

There are no such thing as a cheat code in woozworld

What is the cheat to get wooz in woozworld?


How do you enter a woozworld cheat?

You can't cheat woozworld. Although there is a cool type command. Type /moonwalk and click some where to moonwalk!

How do you be VIP on woozworld for free?

U can't and fyi there r no cheat codes in woozworld

What is the woozworld cheat for the ballroom?

The answer is : Max&Jenny2Gether4Ever

What are the cheat for wooz on woozworld?

There are no cheats to get wooz.

What are some woozworld cheats?

Moonwalk cheat: Type in to your chat bar /moonwalk then walk and next thing you no your moon walkin Fire Ball spell: type on your key board up up down down left right left right ba

Is the a game exactly like woozworld without download?

DOWNLOAD Facebook Cheats: Woozworld Cheat | Woozworld Hack Wooz Beex VIP

Can you cheat in woozworld?

No, you can't cheat woozworld. Please stop posting these type of questions. There is already many searches about this. Research before posting a new question. Thank You