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Turn on the playsation system then once it has loaded up fully, follow this simple procedure:

settings> network settings> internet connection> disable

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Q: How do you disable the wifi from ps3?
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Is PS3 wifi?

Yes, The PS3 Has wifi,indeed.

Does the ps3 have built in wifi?

Yes the ps3 has wifi built in.

Can you connect a dell inspiron E1405 to the ps3 wirelessly?

The PS3 WiFi is to connect the PS3 to the internet and not to another WiFi device

Does PS3 slim have wifi?

Yes the PS3 slim includes support for Wifi B and G

Where is wifi button on PS3?

There is no WiFi button. That is on the router

Does a PS3 have built in wifi?

All models of the PS3 except the first 20 GB model have WiFi

Can you disable the internet on the ipod touch?

It should be in your settings. Find Wifi and disable it.

Can you play the ps3 on wifi?

Yes if you have internet service with WiFi also

Can WiFi be used on a PS3?

Yes it can.

Does the 40GB PS3 have wifi?


Is the wifi in the new PS3 better?

No the PS3 have the same G WiFi and none have the n type. I connect with an ethernet cable and notice better results on the PS3 connectivity test speeds

Can i Disable the internet on Samsung Galaxy and leave WiFi on?

Yes. You do not need a network connection to connect to wifi.