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Quit the emulator. The cheat will naturally disable.

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Q: How do you disable cheats already entered on vba emulator mac?
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How do you disable a cheat code in red dead redemption for ps3?

go onto the pause menu, click options, click cheats and from there you can toggle the cheats you have entered

Where can i find an Emulator for the Nintendo 64 that already has its plugins and supports cheats?

Project 64 1.6@

How do you deactivate cheats at vice city?

the code you entered enter it again im not sure

How do you use cheats in a GBA emulator?

easy click cheats and get your cheats

Do cheats work on nogba emulator?


How do you input cheats on ds emulator iDeaS?

option/cheats are down the bottom

How do you use R4DS cheats in Animal Crossing?

you have to disable the cheats

Which nds emulator supports Pokemon cheats?


How do you enter cheats to desume emulator?

top left

How will cheats effect GTA4?

Certain Cheats disable certain achevments.

What are the cheats in crystal version?

go to gameshark if you are playing on a emulator

How do you disable transformers 2 cheats?

To disable cheats and go multiplayer you have to restart the game . Just take out the game and put it back in :D