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you have to be knukcles and get the shovel claw and press a and b at the zame time

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Q: How do you dig with on Sonic adventure DX?
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Can knuckles dig holes in sonic and knuckles?

No he cant. Only on sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic DX and sonic adventure 2 battle.

How do you get rid of animal parts on sonic adventure dx?

How do you get rid of the animals in sonic adventure dx without sonic adventure 2 battle

How do you get sonic adventure dx for free?

At here to roms & games select sonic and chose sonic adventure dx.

All the animals in sonic adventure dx?

there are 15 animals in sonic dx

Can you get a Chaos 0 Chao in Sonic Adventure DX and 2 Battle?

You Can In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I Think you can in DX.

How do you get the black sonic in Sonic adventure DX?

You can't

How do you get hyper knuckles in sonic adventure dx?

You can't get hyper knuckles in sonic dx.

Where do you get missions in Sonic Adventure?

There isn't a mission mode in sonic adventure.Only on Sonic Adventure DX.

Is sonic Dx 2 coming out?

It is already out. The sequel to that game is called Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Dx is a re release of sonic adventure, and they also re released sonic adventure 2.

Can you float on sonic adventure dx?


Where can you get sonic adventure dx from?


What is the diffirence in sonic adventure and sonic adventure dx?

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut is a port of Sonic Adventure. In addition to the extra content, there are actually tons of changes from the original version, ranging anywhere from tiny to huge.