How do you dig on club penguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, first you need the hard hat. They give those out on rare occasions on cp. Once you have the hard hat, you take off all other clothing items (except the hard hat) and dance.

last time they went out in the mine and there are no more. the next time there are out i will tell you
If you mean the jackhammer, you can go to the mine, and go to the coin shaft (I think that's what its called), and get the hat and jackhammer. Wear just the hat and dance, and you will drill!

Hope I helped!

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Q: How do you dig on club penguin?
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How do you dig if you are not a member in club penguin?

don't no

What is the code to unlock the vault on club penguin?

Dig in the ground

Where is the large light bulb in club penguin?

under ground where you dig for coins

How can you dig in Club Penguin?

get a shovel a snow shovel and a minner hat and dance

Where is the best spot to dig in the cave mine on club penguin?

gys the best spot to dig is closer to the wodden stick

How do you get gems in the underwater room on club penguin?

you can dig for more coins and get a free backround.

How do you buy things on club penguin when your not a member?

your puffles might dig stuff up

How do you dig for eggs in the club penguin prehistoric party?

you cant its a myth signiture Tai

How do you dig in Club Penguin?

you get the miners helmet and then dance. But you can't have anything else on. And if you bring the black puffle he will spin around and dig

How do you dig on club penguin with the construction helmet?

you would need to become a member but you have to buy membership

Where do you go after you have built the boat on club penguin?

you go to the cove and dig on the X shape with your jackhammer

How can you get the hard hat on Club Penguin?

go to the dig site and there is a box of hard hats click on them