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use the support power of an airstrike or something that applies damage to untis

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Q: How do you destroy a bridge in red alert 3?
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Does red alert 3 have any red alert games before it?

Yes, their was Red Alert 1, Red Alert 2 and the Red Alert 2 Expansion Yuris Revenge.

Can you download red alert 3 maps from internet to red alert 3 on the xbox 360?

yes you can i do it all the time

Is Yuri still alive in Red Alert 3?

Yes, they will be making a red alert 3 expansion that will include Yuri faction.

Where do red alert 3 campaigns save for Windows XP?

C:\Documents and Settings\{Your User}\Application Data\Red Alert 3

How do you find the version of your red alert 3?

To find you alert version of your red alert 3 go to its original packaging. You can also find it in the about your device area under the settings section.

Red alert 3 uprising registration code?

If you did not get a registration code for Red Alert Rising , you will need to contact Electronic Arts. Red Alert 3 Uprising was released in 2009 and is a real-time strategy game.

Will there be a red alert 4?

i am not sure but me personally i think there will be considereing the success of command and conquer red alert 3

What is Red Alert 3 code?


Is red alert 3 on PlayStation?

it's on ps3, x-box 360, and pc. Red alert is it not for ps2 or ps1

Is command and conquer red alert 3 compatible on windows vista?

Yes it is. I currently use Vista and I have installed Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 on it.

Has red alert 3 been released?

No. It is supposed to be released in red October 2008. think on the 31st 1/11/2008 RED ALERT 3 HAS BEEN RELEASED OFFICIALLY

What is Red alert 3?

Red alert 3 is a strategy game that is either for Xbox 360 or computer. The previous game (red alert 2) was the best strategy game based on sales in the world. If you are interested in buying it i would recommend it for computer.