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Send lots of eye-ras to attack it.

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Q: How do you defeat drull backyard monsters?
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What does a level 1 drull eat from Backyard Monsters?


What to feed Drull in backyard monsters?

pokey fink bonito fang

How much does the level 6 drull attack in backyard monsters?

8000 damage

How do you get rid of drull on backyard monsters?

You get a monster juicer and blend it. But the question is do you get goo by blending it?

Who is the strongest champion in backyard monsters?

Gorgo. He has the most health at of all the monsters. You can also see the monsters go in action on Youtube. Type in Gorgo vs Drull.

What is a juice champion on backyard monsters?

its not a juice champion its to juice a champion like you know drull gorgo or fomor you can juice them with a juicer like you juice normal monsters to get resources

Who is the best champion cage in backyard monster?


Who is strongest gorgo or drull in backyard monster?

they both have abilitys : Gorgo has better Defence, Drull has better attack. in a stand off, Drull would win

Where can you get backyard monsters hacked?

backyard monsters hacked

Can you put zafretti in your monsters bunker on backyard monsters?

There is no monster bunker on backyard monsters!

Which websites can you play backyard monsters?

Backyard Monsters is a game that can be played on Facebook.

How do you kill fomor in backyard monsters?

To defeat a fomor, use lvl 1 fomor then juice then hatch then juice until the fomor is dead