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you can't create stone cold you have to unlock him by doing all of christian road to wrestlemania challenges

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Q: How do you create stone cold in svr 2011?
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SVR 09 create stone cold Steve Austin?

You Need The Stone Cold Stunner

Stone cold on svr 2010 on PS2?

no he is not but u can create him

Will Stone cold be in svr 2011?

Yes, he'll be a unlockable character.

Is there a cheat code to unlock Stone Cold and The Rock?

Not in SvR 2011

How do create stone cold on svr 11?

you dont have to you can unlock him in road to wm

What is the cheat cold for stone cold for xbox360?

If you mean on SVR 2011, you have to win the WrestleMania Challenge against Stone Cold in Christian's RTWM after completing all previous Challenge matches.

How do you unlock stone cold on svr for xbox 360?

Its a Code!

How do you unlock stonecold in svr 2011?

By Beaten Vince McMahon And Stunner Him Then You Will Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin Thanks Jacob ClyMc

Ways to stone cold on svr 2010?

Pre order the game.

What are the superstars for dlc for svr 10?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Is Stone Cold Available in WWE SvR 2010 psp?


Svr 2010 how to ulock stone cold xbox?

I cant remember.