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You, can't, only on the DSi system can you create flipnotes!

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Q: How do you create flipnote on computer?
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How can you make a flipnote?

first you download the flipnote that's unlocked then create a flipnote and then save it then go to the unlocked flipnote and copy a page then go to the flipnote without any flipnote then paste it

How do you become a channel administrator on flipnote hatena?

You have to have a Flipnote hatena account and Be a flipnote citizen.To become a flipnote citizen,you must post flipnotes for 30 days.After that,go to the flipnote hatena website and create your channel.

How do you make a new folder on flipnote dsi?

go to flipnotes studio, and on the menu there are 2 big square buttons. one says veiw flipnote, and the other says create flipenote. press the one that says create flipnote and then you can make a new flipnote.

Can you download flipnotes from the computer to your dsi?

If you want a video file to watch the Flipnote on the computer, use If you want the Flipnote file. (not readable by computers with ought a third party) then save the Flipnote to the computer and plug it in to a computer and upload the file. Hope It helps!

What is the flipnote website?

On the Nintendo dsi and 3ds there is an app called flipnote studio where you create flipnotes aka animations. the website is called flipnote hatena you can access it though your ds or the computer. This website is used for posting the flipnotes you have made in flipnote studio. You get stars for your flipnotes and your rank gets higher. If you want to join you can make an account. Hope this helps :)

Is flipnote studio on PC?

Flipnote Studio has a website counterpart called Flipnote Hatena, which allows you to view animations that have been uploaded by other users. You cannot create new flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena however.

How do you zoom on flipnote studio?

Activate Advanced Tools, then go to Create Flipnote, then go to 3, then click L button, then Shrink will be changed to Enlarge and your flipnote gets bigger.

Can you download flipnote studio for the computer?

No because Flipnote Studio is on the DSi, 3DS, and 2DS. One important thing: The Flipnote Hatena website and Flipnote Hatena for Nintendo DSi ended on May 31, 2013.

How can you view flipnotes made in Flipnote Studio on your computer?


How do you glitch to japan on flipnote hatena?

All you have to do is change your region from the computer, and there you go; flipnote hatena with Japanese flips only! :) Hope dis helped!~ find meh on flipnote hatena AsianMew

Post a flipnote off your computer to flipnote hatena?

No simply impossible to. Maybe soon they will make a update but so far there is no way to. Sorry.

How do you download flipnotes on flipnote studio?

Follow these steps. 1 : Have Flipnote Hatena on your DSi, and Computer. 2 : Copy and paste this link to the top text bar on your computer 3 : On the middle right of the screen, there is a "command" 4 : On Flipnote Hatena menu on your DSi, scroll to the bottom of the menu. 5 : Click on command And imput the command from the computer onto your DSi 6 : Download the flipnote 7 : Go to Flipnote Studio on your DSi Thank you. "Don't steal Don't beg Don't give up" (Gizmo 2011) ~The ghost, from Flipnote Hatena.