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I'm not sure on this one, i will try and find out for you.

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Q: How do you create and online account for call of duty 4?
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Can you create a class in call of duty 4 without online?

you can't

Are there online account games like Call of Duty?

Other online game series like Call of Duty are:BattlefieldHalo (Xbox Only)MAG (PS3 Only)Resistance (PS3 Only)

How do you play call of duty 4 online PS3?

If you alredy have PS3 online account, just go to multiplayer, then press online.

How can you play Call of Duty online for free?

You can only play online for free with a PS3 or xbox360 or a wii. So make an account go to your call of duty game and go to multiplayer go to online connect and there you go your on online mode

How do you create a class in Call of Duty?

You may create your own class in call of duty, by entering the main menu of Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer. Then you click the title showing 'create a class'.

Can you make more than one profile in call of duty world at war?

The only way to make another profile is by making another user account and then create a new online username, etc.

How do you create a class in call of duty 5?

you unlock create a class at level 4, from there you can simply select it from the first online page in multiplayer.

How do you become a party leader in online mode in call of duty black ops?

create ur own server

How do you post in the call of duty forum?

Well you have to create an account first then you will be able to post wherever you want as long as the thread is not locked

Did a monkey create Call of Duty?


What is the best Call of Duty game for the ps2 and you can online on Call of Duty?

The best one would have to be Call of Duty 3 on PlayStation 2. Yes you can go online on it.

What Call of Duty games can you play online?

All of the newer call of duty games can be played online. I've been playing since Call of Duty 4, and they are making Call of Duty 8 right now, and all have been online enabled.