How do you create a sim?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Once you've entered the Sims menu, click "Start a new game", and then when it's done loading, on the bottom left, the first of the three buttons, click "Create a sim". Or, in "edit town" mode, create sims that you won't get to control.

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Q: How do you create a sim?
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Can you be nine to get a sim?

well all the sim games are 12 but if you know someone who has the game you can ask them if you can create sim,or there is a game called sims 3 create a sim where you can create a sim using the sims 3 feautures.hope this helped!

When you get sims 3 to create-a-sim do you have to get the create-a-sim exspansion pack?

No, it comes with the game automatically.

Where is the icon in Create A Sim?

The Create a Sim icon is located in the bottom left of the neighborhood menu.

How do you make your sim fatter than what you can in create-a-sim or is that all you can do?

When in create a sim, move the weight slider all the way to the right, until it is as big as they can get.

If your sim buys jewelry on the sims 2 bon voyage can they wear it and also can you get jewelry in create a sim mode?

Yes . If your sim buys any jewelry , he/she can wear it by click on a mirror and choose to change your sim . And your sim can get jewelry in create a sim ..

Is The Sims 3 Create A Sim worth it?

No. Create a Sim comes with the original sims games. I would advise you not to get it.

How do you use Sim's 2 debug mode?

if it's in create-a-sim you use the boolprop cheat in the neighborhood then go in the create a sim and press SHIFT + N and you should get it.

How do you create characters on Sims 3?

*start a new game *go to create a household (of course) *make your sim *go to the button that let's you add another sims *click on it *choose the symbol of a person (for a human sim) a cat (for a cat sim) a dog (for a dog sim) or a horse (for a horse sim) hope this helped :)

How Do you Just Create a Sim on the website instead of buying the game?

why the hell do you want do that. but if you want to theres a create a sim kit to download

When will The Sims 4 create a sim demo be released?

It already is. Just type in Create a sim demo sims 4 on your browser and download!

Can you create a voice for your sim when you are creating your sim?

No you can't, all Sims are given the same voice.

Can you custimize your own couple in the sim 2 double deluxe?

Yes. You have to go to Create a sim and create your couple. You can make them married using family relationships.