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I believe you mean a crafting table. Well, get one block of wood. Place it into your 2x2 crafting grid. Then you will get four wooden planks. Fill in all the squares in the 2x2 grid and - wala! You have a crafting table.

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Q: How do you create a crafting block on minecraft?
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How do you create items in Minecraft?

in the crafting table

How do you make a lever Minecraft?

To make a lever, place a stick above a block of cobblestone, in your crafting slot or on a crafting table.

How do you get more crafting space in minecraft?

From the four crafting slots in your inventory, you can create a Crafting Table which has nine. You do not need any more than that.

How do you make a diamond block in minecraft?

A diamond block is made with 9 diamonds, one in each slot of the crafting table.

How do you create things on Minecraft iod touch?

currently poket minecraft on the ipod/pad does not support crafting. once updates I guess it will work like normal minecraft were you will have to place a crafting table in the world then click/tocuh it.

How do you make A lever on minecraft?

On your crafting table, put a stick in the middle and a block of cobblestone at the middle bottom.

How do you craft a note block minecraft?

In a crafting table, Woodern planks surrounding 1 redstone dust.

How do you craft a leaver in Minecraft?

All you need is to put a stick on top of a block of cobblestone in the crafting grid.

How many wooden planks do you need to make a boat on minecraft?

Make a 2x2 square with wood planks in the crafting menu

How do you get rid of stuff that you are holding in Minecraft on your iPad when you want to craft something with the crafting table?

If you are asking how to make it create the crafting table then where it has the ingredients, tap it

Can you craft diamonds in minecraft?

Yes, you can craft diamonds in Minecraft. To do this, simply place a diamond block on a crafting grid. This will yield nine diamonds. Similarly, you can place nine diamonds on the crafting table, which yields a diamond block. Other than this, there is no other way you can craft diamonds.Note: Diamond blocks are not naturally found in a Minecraft world.Consequently, you need to find diamonds to craft the diamond block to craftthe diamonds.

Why can't i make a redstone block on minecraft?

Redstone Blocks now exist in Minecraft 1.5. You can make them by combining nine redstone dust on the crafting table.