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you cant without modifying the game

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Q: How do you craft a plasma beam in minecraft?
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How do you craft a radar in Minecraft?

It is impossible to craft a radar in vanilla minecraft

Is total craft better than minecraft?

No by far. Total craft is just a lame copy of minecraft.

Can you craft people in Minecraft?


How do you craft wooden blocks in Minecraft?

It's impossible to craft Wooden Blocks in Minecraft unless if you break a tree.

What does the craft mean in minecraft?

To craft, in this context means to create things.

What is a good craft website?


Why is it called Minecraft?

It is called Minecraft because the primary things you do in Minecraft is, well, mine and craft.

How do you have two weapons in mine- craft?

You simply craft 2 weapons in Minecraft.

Is the game mind craft for apple computers?

Mind craft is not for mac, but minecraft is

How did craft get its name?

It is called minecraft because you mine stuff and craft stuff.

How do you craft on minecraft pe in creative mode?

Impossible. If you are in Creative Mode, you can not craft!!

How do you craft a shield in minecraft?

You can't craft a shield in minecraft P.E because shields are currently exclusive to the desktop version, introduced in 1.9.