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the game you want to play should ask you to hit the button on the side when you need to and then its hooked up.

also you have to hit the reset button on the wii its in the sd card thing.

Here is a procedure that worked for me:

1. Take off the battery cover on the balance board. Inside you can see a circular red button, let's call this one 'A'.

2. On the Wii console, open the panel where the SD memory card slot is located. There is a rectangular red button, let's call this one'B'.

3. Press and hold button B.

4. Press and release button A.

5. Release button B.

6. The blue LED on the balance board should flash at first, then come on solid when the board and console have paired.

You can now use the balance board. Note that Wii Fit has a menu option so that you can check if the board is functioning correctly.

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Q: How do you connect the Wii Balance Board to the Wii?
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Can you connect your Wii fit board on a friends Wii?

Yes, unless your not at where your friends Wii is, or if the game your playing doesn't use the Wii Balance Board.

How do you reset the Wii balance board?

you reset the wii and it'll reset the wii balance board

When was Wii Balance Board created?

Wii Balance Board was created in 2007.

Wii balance board on carpet?

My Wii Balance Board works fine on carpet.

Do I need to buy games to use the wii fit balance board?

Um the balance board come with wii fit but there is a games called skate it for the wii that is wii balance board compatible

Do you have to have a Wii balance board for Wii fit plus?

Yes It Is impossible to play Wii fit plus without the Wii balance board.

Can you use the Wii balance board on the Wii?

yes... why?

Do you need the balance board mat for the Wii balance board?

no, don't need it.

Can you use the Wii balance board on Sean white snowboarding?

I am pretty shure that you NEED the wii balance board to play

Do you have to have a Wii console to use the Wii Fit balance board?

Yes, you have to have a console with a game that supports the balance board, if you buy the original Nintendo wii fit you'll get the game and the board

How do you connect your Wii fit board to the Wii?

To connect the Wii Fit Balance Board, you first need to make sure that you have four Double A batteries. Go onto Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus and it should ask you to sync the board. Open the battery compartment on the board and open the SD card slot on the Wii. Press Sync (the red buttons) on both of them until they recognize each other (it will say on the screen). Eventually it will ask you to press the power button on the Wii board. Press power on the front of the board, and it is then connected. Hope I was able to help!

Do you need Wii balance board for minecraft Wii?

Minecraft is not on the nintendo wii.