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attack it with a level 4 sword and LV 5 armor and LV 3 magic

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Q: How do you complete the island beast on chibi knight?
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Where are the boots in chibi knight?

If you defeat the Canyon Beast in the valley area you will win the magic boots that allow you to walk on water. Then you can save the pixie and fight the Island beast.

Where are the mages in chibi knight?

One of them is hidden where the sleeping bird is, but you need an axe to chop the spell. Another is where the burnt down house is ,but you have to chop lots of trees. To get an axe you need to defeat the island beast.

What does the deamon beast look like in chibi knight?

It's fury and red, has one yellow eye and blows constant fire and it has a sheild untill you figure out how to destroy its shild.

How do you use magic on chibi knight?

pressing s

Is there a chibi knight 2?

Armour Games has not announced the expected Chibi Knights 2, so for the time being, no, there is not.

Where is the fairy in the game Chibi Knight?

it is left of your respawn area.

What is the last sword in Chibi Knight?

It is the same sword as the one in the main menu.

On chibi knight where do you find all the magic spells?

the first fairy is in the left house next to the sumo ring then you kill the mountain beast then you get the boots and then walk on the water fight the island beast then keep on walking on the water and go in the ship then get the axe cut down the tree with the bird in it and get the health spell then cut down 100 cords of wood and go into the burnt down village and give it to the crying kid then go past the smiling kid and talk to is gram-pa and then you get the shield spell

What anime or menga is exactly like vampire knight?

My friend is in the middle of reading vampire knight, its so good! have u read chibi vampire cause u should, its really good. (by the way, manga is spetM-A-N-G-A not M-E-N-G-A- ok?!) Chibi vampire is the answer to your question Orugartio!

What ep does chibi chibi meet usagi?

Usagi met Chibi chibi in episode 183.

What would be after chibi?

Super Chibi? Uber Chibi? xD

Who is Sailor Cosmos?

She has none I think... but Chibi Chibi is Cosmos.