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First of all, you read the survival guide. Then go to the 'o berry' tree. pick 3 berries then go to the puffles next to the round log. all the puffles are scared of you exept the black one. you need to give the black puffle a 'o berry' then it will become your friend and follow you everywhere. then you need to go to the shelter cave and enter it. then the stone will form a circle for the fire. then you need to go to the river. next to the river is the log. you need to put the log into your inventory then go back to the cave and put the log in the middle of the circle of stones. then you need to get youre survival guide out of the iventory then click on the fire then the paper will come out of the book and go onto the fire. put the black puffle next to the fire then give it an 'o berry' then wala! youre fire is done. then you need to go back to the river and get some water from it. then fish will keep popping out. you need to click one then put it into your inventory. then you will cook the fish by the fire in the cave. then smoke will start coming out of the cave then you are rescued! it is pretty easy.

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Q: How do you complete gs mission on club penguin?
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