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about three months

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Q: How do you complete escape from wherever you are on addicting games?
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How do you escape the car in addicting games?

to escape the car you either figure it out yourself or you go to the walkthrough!

How do you beat laundry escape 2 on addicting games?

i dont now

How do you escape the car on addicting games?

press ctrl and esc at the same time

What wires do you connect on escape the car on addicting games?

Pink, blue, green, and yellow

How do you complete cairn on addicting games?

watch a stinkin video on how to beat idiots

How do you beat escape the future on addicting games?

You cant, thats the whole point. You just sit in there and die.

Is addicting games addicting?

Depends on what you find addicting, and how you classify addicting...

What are some websites that have assassin games where you can get a new mission every time you complete one?

I know Addicting Games has a few.

On addicting games where is the magnifer to geek girl escape?

its on the leg of the bed.. but I can't find the thing between the recorder and the binoculars

How do you beat Turkey Liberation Front Escape on addicting games?

Ask sevinc samed George and dat scarfboul to help you.

How do you make a game on addicting games?

Most games on Addicting Games are Created with Adobe Flash.

What are some fun games that are not addicting games?

All games will become addicting if you play them enough.