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I think you need a ditto and another Pokemon then give the other Pokemon a master ball then put ditto and the other Pokemon in the daycare center and then take a walk somewhere away from the daycare center and then go back there should be an egg that egg should be the other Pokemon that you put in the daycare and when it hatches it will be holding a master ball.


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Q: How do you clone a master ball on FireRed on Pokemon?
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How do you multiply mastereballs?

Get a Pokemon you want to clone give the Pokemon a master ball to hold and then go to your PC after cloning get the clone out take the master ball of your clone and your other Pokemon which you cloned with and take the master ball of him and keep on doing it for as long as you want.

How do you find Master Balls on Pokemon FireRed?

there is only one master ball that you get in firered

How do you get 2 master balls in Pokemon emerald?

you have to clone that Pokemon holding a master ball

How do you get lots of mastr balls on FireRed?

First you get the one master ball then you either trade Pokemon with a friend who's Pokemon are holding the master ball, take it off, trade back and repeat this many times or you can use a gameshark or clone it.

How do you get second master ball in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no second master ball in any game.

Clone 99 master balls in Pokemon gold?

if you go to youtube u can see a vidio on how to clone Pokemon. give the Pokemon u want to clone a master ball and it's clone will have one two.

How do you get infinite master balls without gameshark in Pokemon red version?

equip the master ball to a Pokemon and clone it using the Pokemon clone cheat.. its so simple..

In Pokemon fire red how do you make a poke-ball a master ball?

You can't do that unless you have emerald. then you can clone the master ball.

Where is the man who you can get a master ball in Pokemon FireRed?

giovanni, head of team rocket, after you beat him, you will get a master ball.

Are there two Master Ball in Pokemon FireRed?

no, is only one

What floor is the master ball on in Pokemon FireRed?

Floor 11.

How do you get 999 master balls in Pokemon emerald without codes or cheats?

Clone your Pokemon and give them the master ball