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You have to beat all 16 gyms.

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Q: How do you clear the construction in fuchsia city in Pokemon soul silver?
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Where do you find clear bell in Pokemon silver?

find out your self

How do you get in radio tower in Pokemon silver?

first,you clear enmies and then ...

Where do you get the clear bell in Pokemon silver?

you can't i try it but i couldn't,i have Pokemon silver I've got 250 to 250 Pokemon but i can't catch a celebi and i ca;t find a place to buy a gameshark. (go to eBay rere) that has nothing to do with the clear bell

How do you get the clear bell in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you dont get it. you just need a rainbow wing.

What is the name of the boy who is In Pokemon Soul Silver?

Theres a thousand of them be clear next time

Where to get a clear bell?

In Pokemon Heart gold/Silver you get the clear bell after defeating the kimono girls you fight them after you complete the blackthorn city gym and get the master ball. They are very hard so your Pokemon should be above level 40.

Lugia in Pokemon Silver?

first you have to beat the radio tower then he will give you silver wing (silver) in gold he will give you rainbow wing crystal he will give you clear bell then go to whirl islands and search

Where is the second clear bell in Pokemon HeartGold?

you dont need a second bell. p.s its called a tidal bell in soul silver

Show me the 243th Pokemon in Pokemon ranger guardian sign?

It is Lotad. It can be found on the way to Silver Falls on the upper left. It will look like lillipads and must have a target clear done to it.

Which period is considered a social construction and does not have a clear-cut boundary?

which stage of life does considered a social construction and does not have a clear-cut boundary

How do you fight pryce Pokemon silver?

fight, or catch the red gyarados. talk to lance. clear out the rocket-hideout. and you can enter the ice gym

How do you get the item to get to the top floor of the bell tower in the game Pokemon soul silver?

You get the Rainbow Wing from a person in Pewter City. You do not need the Clear Bell.