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Well first you can click on yourself or click the member badge or star at the bottom.

When you do that you click the arrow on the side, there are 2 arrows. You can click on the different clothing like Body Items and you get your body items!

click on yourself and click the arrow on the right or left, then choose what you want it to display by clicking the button at the bottom that says what it is displaying, usually all items.

i click on the thing and i got it and i dont have it

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Q: How do you check your inventory on Club Penguin?
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Where is peoples inventory on Club Penguin?

there isent one for club penguin

Where is the inventory on Club Penguin?

Your Inventory in club penguin is that you have to first click on your penguin (or the star on your cp toolbar) and then click on the arrows on the right hand side of your player card.

Are there lockers in club penguin?

No, but there is an inventory.

Where is your inventory for Club Penguin?

On your player card

What do you do to a pin in Club Penguin?

Once you find a pin in Club Penguin, you have to walk up to it. Then it will be added to your inventory. You can then put it on your player card by clicking it in your inventory.

How do you check puffle items in your inventory on club penguin?

You don't check puffle items in your inventory! You check them in the puffle's player card.

How do you get Puffle-os Club Penguin?

It is in your puffle inventory.

How do you unlock the pumpkin head in club penguin 2011?

You click unlock items online enter this code: pumpkin1 Then you check your inventory and there it is!

In club penguin how much items can you have in your inventory?

as many as you want

Where is your inventory on Club Penguin?

It's the star icon on the toolbar

How do you find my furniture inventory on club penguin?

you idiot its easy

On Club Penguin in the Elite Penguin Force how do you edit your penguin?

u go to your inventory and select your/the red suitcase