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Poketch App 01 is the Digital Watch. This is obtained with the Poketch along with the calculator app (02).

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Q: How do you check the digital time on Pokemon platinum?
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How do you know the day in Pokemon Platinum?

You need to check the date on your DS then it will be the same day on platinum it works with time as well

How do you tell its Friday in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon platinum has the time feature where it uses the dses time. if it is Friday on your ds, it is Friday on platinum.

Why wont your Pokemon platinum change to night time?

it can just check it again and again maybe you set your clock wrongly

Where is the cave of time in pokemon platinum?

there is no cave of time

Where is the temporial tower in Pokemon Platinum?

Temporal tower is in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, not Pokemon Platinum.

What pokemons will you see on Pokemon Platinum?

Will? oh ketchup, that game came out a long time ago. check out the sinnoh pokedex. google it.

What Pokemon do you find in the great marsh in Pokemon platinum?

Depends on what time it is.

What time does night start on Pokemon platinum?

Night starts at 8 PM in Platinum.

How do you get a full Sinnoh Pokedex on pokemon platinum?

first you have to battle with every pokemon like i did! it took me a long time but i did it on platinum i also have all legendary pokemon

How do you know when it is 8pm in Pokemon platinum?

Check your DS time or look at what time it is on a different clock then you will know. If you have a evee then it will evolve in the night between 8pm and 12pm. Glad to help!

How do you change the time in Pokemon Platinum?

Change the time on your Nintendo DS/DSi

What is false swipe on Pokemon Platinum?

Well If your asking what it does on Pokemon platinum It makes the foes pokemons hp go down to 1... most of the time.